Airbed In-The-Box Applications

You can deliver your consignments without any damages thanks to our in-the-box AirBed special application for your box consignments. With in-the-box cushioning method, you can protect your products against all external impacts. You can also get extra safety with AirBed, which we specifically prepare according to the sizes of your box.

(Airbed is not available in and for Germany)


Airbed is a cost-effective, practical, easy-to-use solution for many product packaging needs.
Airbed offers special solutions in different forms and sizes to protect your products during transport and storage.

Application Areas

* Large electronic devices, televisions, computers, monitors, displays
* Portable electronics, desktop computers, dvd players, cameras
* Small electronics, mobile phones, mp3 players
* Consumable materials, drinks, cosmetics, medicines
* Toner cartridges