Chocolate Pad

Chocolate Cushion provides protection for your products such as chocolate, baklava, halva and nuts against external factors during transport in boxes.
When boxes are exposed to crashing and impacts, chocolate cushion is a special product designed to prevent breaking and release of your product.
All our raw materials used in production have certificate of conformity for goods.

(ISO 9001 - ISO 22000) 
* This product is manufactured based on the permission no 13.08.2008/G34-5904-G-00001 that was granted by the Ministry of Agriculture.


The option of applying your brand or logo on chocolate cushion adds value to your products and brand, ensures elegant appearance and makes your product different and special.

- Small and Big patterns can be applied.
- Available as 2, 3, 5 and 7 layers.
- Standard white, brown and black options
- Metalized (gold and silver) options are available.
- Roto, flexo, foil print or no-print options are available.
- If you desire, you can use Company logo or standard prints prepared by our company.
- Production in any desired sizes and forms (round, rectangular, octagon, mold etc.)is possible.

Application Areas

*Date Palm
*Dried fruits (apricot, fig)
*Possible to be used by all food producers that make production with boxes


Paper Seperator Layer 2-3-5-7Density 25 gr/m2, 30gr /m2, 40gr/m2