Cool Liner

When Cool Liner is used as a liner in boxes of your products, it protects your products against deteriorations and decompositions by providing own inner temperature to stay at desired levels.

Ease of Use

* Minimizes heat changes
* Flexible, light and durable
* Water resistant and leakproof
* Puncture Resistant
* Easy and fast usage by virtue of its gusseted design
* As it is stored as folded, it takes a small place, minimizes stock costs
* Has more flexible stucture than polystyrene boxes which are alternative solutions.
* As it has less fire risk than substitute products, provides economy in your fire insurance premiums

Usage Areas

Fish and meat products, frozen products, fresh fruits and vegetables, icecream, chocolate
Online sales distribution, catering services, fresh flowers
Medicine, vaccine, serum, blood and alike medical material transportation, medicinal and medical materials
Heat and cold sensitive all chemical materials

In packaging, storing and distribution of all heat sensitive products.