CoolCOVER pallet covers protects your pallet load heat sensitive products against heat changes and impacts during transportation and storage.

Ease of Use

* Minimizes heat changes due to external factors during carriage and storage
* By virtue of its foldable, stackable and light structure; it provides economy in
- Warehousing costs
- Transportation costs
- Operational internal carriages
* May be designed and printed specially
* Longer protection can be provided with different applications
* Water resistant, beach puncture, leakproof

Usage Areas

Fish and meat products, online sales distribution, catering services, dairy products, frozen products, fresh fruit and vegetables, icecream, pastry,
chocolate and fresh flowers

Cold chain transportation, perishable cargo transportation, land, air, sea transportation and micro-macro distributions

Medicine, vaccine, serum, blood and alike medical material transportation, medicinal and medical materials

Heat and cold sensitive all chemical materials

In packaging, storing and distribution of all heat sensitive products.