Cushioning Bag Systems

You can quickly create airbeds whenever and wherever you like, and pack your products in a way that they will not suffer any damages.
After being inflated, FP films create airbeds which have a longer service period and which are more resistant than similar airbeds thanks to the special welding system used.
It absorbs impacts through the air ducts developed, and provides weight and carriage advantages and maximum protection for your products during shipment.

- Mini Pak’R Airbed Machine
- Pillow Pak’R Airbed System
-Cell- 0 EZ II Pre-Stressed Film Airbeds
-Novus Airbed Machine

Özerden Plastik A.Ş. is the distribution of FP brand in Turkey.


FP stays ahead of competitive materials as it combines excellent performance and cost-saving characteristics.
It adds prestige and elegant appearance to your products.