Heavy Duty Bubble Film

This is a range that consists of extra powerful, intensified bubbles.

-3 Tier Standard Bubble Wrap
-Big Bubble Wrap
-3 Tier Red or Blue Wrap Door-to- Door
- Bubble Wrap with Kraft or Sulfite Paper Door-to- Door
-Big Bubble Wrap with Kraft Paper Door-to- Door

Ease of Use

* Extra powerful, increased density
* 100 gr/m2 -500 gr/m2 density
* Standard roll widths: 100 - 150 - 200 cm.
* Possible to produce from 10 cm to 400 cm width upon request of our clients.
* It can be further strengthened with paper, PE foam and special film coating application on it.

Usage Areas

*Heavy Industry Sector, 
*Transportation Sector,
*Companies providing door-to- door and international transportation services


Size 100 Mt Weight 120gr