Chocolate Pad® provides protection for chocolates, candies, nuts and baklavas against external influences during transport in boxes. Boxes may be subject to shock and vibration during transport, loading and unloading. Chocolate pads prevent damage to your valuable products.


Chocolate Pad® is not only for chocolates, it can also be used for helva, baklava, nuts, seeds, dried fruits (apricot, figs, etc.), biscuits and other candy sweets which are also boxed products.


Brand of your product or the logo can be printed on the chocolate pads. This option adds value to your product and gives an ele­gant look and makes your product different and special.


Certificate of compliance with all of the raw materials used in production are available. (ISO 900I - ISO 2200)

Chocolate Pad®
Chocolate Pad®
Chocolate Pad®
Chocolate Pad®
Chocolate Pad®
Chocolate Pad®
  • Features
  • Thickness of the padding is adjustable,
  • Available in 2,3,5, and 7 layers,
  • Black, brown and white are our standard colours,
  • Metalized film options (gold and silver),
  • Roto, flexo and hot foil printing or unprimed options,
  • Your company logo and special customer printing can be applied. Our generic fashionable standard printing can be preferred as well,
  • Any desired size and shape (round, rectangular, octagonal, heart, etc.) can be produced.



·This product is produced with the permission of I3.08.2008 / G34-5904- G-00001 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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