Thermo Boxliners are used inside shipping carton boxes. Provides product protection against deterioration and spoilage by keeping inbox temperature at constant desired levels. 


Thermo Boxliners with reflective outer surfaces are produced in any dimensions using variety of layer combinations such as single bubble, double bubble and PE foam layers.

Thermo Boxliner
Thermo Boxliner
Thermo Boxliner
Thermo Boxliner
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  • Application
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  • Minimizes inbox temperature fluctuations,
  • Flexible, light and durable,
  • Water resistant and leakproof,
  • Puncture resistant,
  • Easy and fast usage by virtue of its gusseted design,
  • Since Thermo Boxliner is stored as folded taking small space, storage costs are minimized,
  • Thermo Boxliner with its flexible and foldable feature by far exceeds environmentally unfriendly EPS boxes,
  • As it has less fire risk than substitute products, provides economy in your fire insurance premiums.




Frozen products, dairy products, delicatessen products, chocolate



Online sales distribution

Medicine and Medical


Medicine, vaccine, serum, blood and alike medical material transportation

Chemical Materials


Heat and cold sensitive all chemical materials


Thermal Insulation Performance Test (30°C)


Measurement Specifications
Reflective İnsulation Foil
Material Thickness
6mm +/- 0,5 mm
Thermo Boxliner
Test Duration
5 Hours
Test Temperature
30C Degrees
Test Environment
Climate Chamber


 Test Results


Minimum °C
Maximum °C
Average °C
Thermo Boxliner İnner Environment
3,1 12,2 7,6
Outer Environment
20,7 37,4 31,6



As a result of 5 hours of measurements made under conditions where outer environment temperature is averagely 31,6 °C, inner environment temperature of Thermo Boxliner has been observed to be 24 °C lower than outer environment temperature.


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