It offers pre-qualified packaging solution for packaging and transportation of heat sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. It comprises EPS (styrofoam), Bizofol® (bubble insulation material with reflecting surface) and cooling units.


Thermo Pharma is manufactured in any dimensions to satify your specific needs.



Thermo Pharma
Thermo Pharma
Thermo Pharma
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  • Provides effective insulation with combination of EPS panels and Bizofol.
  • Cooling units named as Thermo Pharma are used with outer boxes in pre-sized and pre-vacuumed forms. This design prevents condensation and leakage in case of temperature loss.




Cold chain transportation

Medicine and Medical


Products to be kept between 2°C and 8°C


Thermo Pharma is developed in cooperation with industry-leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and transporters.


Thermo Pharma has been tested for transit periods of 72 – 96 hours for products to be transported at 2 - 8°C and quality controls were applied both in winter and in summer.

Standard Sizes
  XS S M M-2 L L-2 XL
Protection Period 48 hours 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours 96 hours
Outside Dimensions (mm) 360*305*370 430*380*405 555*455*400 633*437*419 565*455*545 633*437*539 795*555*545
Inner Box (Drug Contaiber) Dimensions (mm) 177*125*120 245*201*120 370*268*120 440*245*120 370*268*245 440*245*245 595*370*245
Inner Box Volume 2,7 lt 5,9 lt 11,9 lt 12,9 lt 24,3 lt 26,4 lt 53,9 lt


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