What is Balondüla®?


Özerden is the first manufacturer of Bubble Wrap in Turkey, it has been a pioneer in its sector since establishment. Özerden produces ideas that bring convenience to life in transportation and now present Balondüla® products which offer new breath to the sector. Balondüla® is corrugated paper material coupled with padding layers such as big or small bubbles, or PE foam sheets.


Balondüla® is an economical packaging product which provides high protection against crash, wetting, bruising etc. laminated by corrugated cardboard and bubble pack.


Export companies which forward goods with Cargo and warehouse take care of packaging to avoid damage during shipment. They wrap the goods in corrugated cardboard and then bubble pack. However, this process creates double labor cost.


Balondüla® is decreased this cost by 20% with unified material structure and makes it convenient serial packaging.


Balondüla® increases the number of products that you produce by 20-25% with its small structure and acts as a separator to your wrapped goods.


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Furniture/Wood Iron/Metal Aluminium Construction and Decoration Prefabricate Corrugated Cardboard Producers Packaging Sectors

Glass Moving From Home to Home Logistic Companies Mosaic, Granite, Marble Hardware High Temperature Technology


It creates solutions to your needs with big/small bubble and 5 layers structures.



Balondüla Small Bubble Wrap Rolls

Width Length m² 1 Roll
1.57 cm 25 m 39, 25 19 kg



Balondüla Big Bubble Wrap Rolls

Width Length m² 1 Roll
1.57 cm 25 m 39, 25 20 kg


Building Materials Industry 


Balondüla has a wide usage area in building materials industry with its double layer structure that consists of bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard. It is the most effective solution to your construction site, during the alterations and decoration changing, especially you want to protect many kind of flooring; ceramic, natural stone, carpet, PVS and epoxy etc. Balondüla can protect your floor cover against drop, crash with the Big Bubble option which has 15 mm bubble thickness and corrugated cardboard. 


The floors that are exposed to the most damage on the construction sites and they are protected until your Project delivery thanks to Balondüla





Furniture Industry 


Instead of double-packing your furniture with corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap, you can reduce the cost of staff by putting them in one step thanks to Balondüla.


You can provide maximum protection to your products with the Big Bubble, Small Bubble or PE Foam Reinforced Balondüla which is produced according to size and weight of your furniture. You can reduce the storage cost with Balondüla instead of stock the corrugated cardboard and Bubble Wrap.  Also, you can save time with Balondüla


Heath Technology


Balondüla is a new generation packaging material that provides maximum protection which can be used in packaging of fire extinguishers, expansion and air tank.


Balondüla can protect your products with the 5 layer structure to risk of crash, drop, scoring.

It can reduce that transportation cost with the lightweight structure.



Machine Parts 


You can packaging spare parts, machine and machine parts fast safely and economically with Balondüla. It offers maximum protection with 15 mm thick balloon options especially for heavy machines. Also, according to the products you will packaging, small bubble and PE Foam coated types offers the possibility to choose products.

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