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It is an effective solution for the protection of pallet loads during the transportation, it is applied inside containers and between the pallets. It creates a block and cushioning structure for the products and avoid damage and falling overs during shipment. It creates volume that stabilizes the pallets and can resist with high pressure.


Air Dunnage is used for product protection inside containers, trucks or train loadings.



Why Air Dunnage?


  • Excellent Load Resistance
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • The Fastest Inflation System




Technical Data

Sizes Quantity/Box
60*90 cm 600 pcs
60*120 cm 450 pcs
90*90 cm 550 pcs
90*100 cm 500 pcs
90*120 cm 450 pcs 
90*150 cm 430 pcs
90*180 cm 375 pcs
90*210 cm 350 pcs
120*120 cm 325 pcs
120*180 cm 300 pcs
120*210 cm 275 pcs
120*240 cm 250 pcs


  • Stretch Film

Stretch film, wraps your products and saves from the space occurs in between. Also, it provides protection against dust and external factors. Thanks to its adhesive structure, it is easy to apply.


Available thicknesses are 17 and 23 microns.

Product Image Product Dimensions Colour Options Quantity Per Box
17 Micron Stretch Film 50 cm x 300 m Transparent, Black 6 Rolls
23 Micron Stretch Film 50 cm x 300 m Transparent, White 6 Rolls



  • Box Tapes

As our production standards, tapes are available without printing but in case of need, printed tapes can be produced. Desire logo, writing, picture or symbol can be produced with different size and colors.


Product Image Product  Dimensions Colour Options Quantity Per Box
Hotmelt Box Tape 45 mm x 40 m Transparent, Brown 96 Rolls
Hotmelt Box Tape 45 mm x 100 m Transparent, Brown 72 Rolls
Acrylic Box Tape 45 mm x 40 m Transparent 96 Rolls
Acrylic Box Tape 45 mm x 100 m Transparent 72 Rolls
Natural Rubber Box Tape 45 mm x 100 m Transparent 72 Rolls



  • Aluminium & Reinforced Tapes 

There are two types of tapes which are flat and reinforced. This tape is used specially to isolate high-pressure metal compounded ventilation ducts. This tape also used in high humidity insulation fields.


Product Image Product Dimensions Quantity Per Box
Aluminium Tape 48 mm x 30 m 36 Rolls
Aluminium Tape 72 mm x 30 m 27 Rolls
Reinforced Aluminium Tape 48 mm x 30 m  27 Rolls



  • Masking Tapes

It sticks to the surface easily, used on the surfaces where there is a need for protection against painting. Thanks to its elastic structure, it can be applied in any shape.


Product Image Product Dimensions Quantity Per Box
Masking Tape 19 mm x 40 m 96 Rolls
Masking Tape 25 mm x 40 m 72 Rolls
Masking Tape 50 mm x40 m 36 Rolls


PE Film

Our net reinforced PE film is used to cover pallets, machineries, wooden products as well as ground and surfaces in refurbishment and construction sites. It is produces by materials which makes it so durable.



Reinforced PE Film

It can be used in all sectors where the PE Film is used. It's reinforced by scrim material in order to be extra strength and durability.



Protective Film

Used for protection against scratches such as for electronic components, PVC aluminum, stainless, marble, granite, glass and acrylic materials. It doesn't leave any stain on the product and provides safety for the product.



Invoice Pockets

Invoice pockets provide protection for bill and warranty documents. Bill ad warranty documents can be placed inside invoice pockets and attached to the box as it is self adhesive.



Wrapping Rope

Specially produced for fibrillated polypropylene packages and box packaging. Coils are packed tightly until the last meter, holds the product together, weight is around 2 kilos and each kilogram has 500 meters and lifts around 60 kilograms.



Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is used mostly in construction sites as a ground cover and also heavily use in packaging for wood industry which provides an ideal packaging thanks to its guttered structure.




Provides tight packaging and holds all the packaging together and prevents product from any damages that can occur during shipment. It is a polypropylene based and low cost product.



Standard Paper Rolls

Product Dimensions Weight
Kraft Paper 152 cm x 50 m 115 gr/m²
Kraft Paper 122 cm x 50 m 115 gr/m²
Sulfit Paper 152 cm x 50 m 90 gr/m²
Sulfit Paper 104 cm x 50 m 40 gr/m²


Removal Boxes


The flexible and durable structure of our removal boxes provides excellent protection against impacts, scratches and dusting as well as perfect handling during removing due to its ergonomic design.


Removal Boxes can be produced printed or unprinted in any size, quality and design depending on the order quantities.



Standard Removal Boxes

Product Dimensions (mm) Load Capasity (max) Box/Pallet*
Small Size Removal Box* 331 x 456 x 400 15 Kg 125 Boxes
Medium Size Removal Box** 390 x 590 x 393 20 Kg 125 Boxes
Self-Locking Size Removal Box*** 390 x 590 x 393 20 Kg 125 Boxes
Large Size Removal Box**** 418 x 745 x 426 25 Kg 125 Boxes

*Boxes can be obtained by pallet base as well as individually.



We recommend to use our in-box packaging systems for maximum protection for your sensitive and fragile products.


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